Quarantine Life @ Greenleaf


A cyclone brought Dorothy and her dog Toto to an alien land. Finding a way home, she was told by the Good Witch that she should take the yellow brick road to the Emerald City and seek help from the wizard of Oz. Along this road, she meets friends to join her journey.

We similarly find ourselves in an unfamiliar environment of a pandemic-ridden world. The unpredictable and unseen future fills us with anxiety almost all of our waking hours but we soldier through because time will not stop for any of us. The company and our jobs need us to work and we frankly need the salary, too. 😁

In this part of our journey, our own strip of the shitty covid yellow brick road, we have a happy consolation, that is that we are not alone. Like Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion found their way to the Emerald City to seek help, we found our way to Casa Verde one monday morning. (read in Kuya Kim voice: Alam niyo ba na ang Casa Verde pag ginawang english ay Green Home? Maari nating sabihin na ang ating tahanan ngayon ay Green. 😉)

As a refuge in this viral storm, our accomodations in Greenleaf leaves nothing to be desired. We have everything we need to be comfortable and way more. We are not just given good food but also cool spacious rooms with hot (and cold) showers, a ref full of sweets and other provisions, and very comfortable beds. All these make for some deep and satisfying rest.

Waking up after a good night sleep, with a hot cup of coffee in hand, looking through the hotel’s wide windows at the sleepy gray city, sure makes one forget about the stress of life and prepares the mind and body for the work of the day ahead.

The complete comfort also makes us forget of the hike we have to make at the end of day. Personally, the fact does not appear in my mind until I reach the third level of stairs, then my legs remind me screaming and cursing. Then I reply, “This is exercise, Legs. Listen, we need exercise!” I repeat this, until I reach our floor then I’m out of breath and I take out the keycard faster than I can say: Thank you TSP, Thank you Greenleaf.